Website and Web App Development

Below are a few of the projects I have developed or currently working on.

I have the honor to update this website ( and donate to a great cause.

I was receiently asked to redesign the website (Utah Peace Officers Association). I am excited for this project, stay tuned for a new look and feel. was developed to give employees an easy way to sign up for overtime in the workplace. Even when they are not at work. is a site dedicated to the iconic yellow cars throughout the Professional Peleton.

This is a website designed for team cycling events

Digital Marketing

The digital world we live in requires a wide range of Digital Marketing to stay competative.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

Certifications and Trainings

Staying current with technologies is the key to quality projects.

Full Stack Developer Certification (Summer 2018)

Web Design Certification

Web Design Tools Certification (Spring 2011).

Systems Development

Network Design

Almost every home or small office has a network. Now you can have a systems administrator to help you.

Server Design

Whether it's local or cloud computing I'm here to help develop and deploy your site plan.