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As an individual we can accomplish very little in reaching the Association’s goals, but as part of one united voice much can be done to bring lasting benefits to all those in law enforcement. By joining The Utah Peace Officers Association you can become part of this voice. The Utah Peace Officers Association has several standing committees, all charged with some responsibility for the betterment of the UPOA, its members and all those in Law Enforcement in furthering the goals and objects of law enforcement. The Legislative Committee is very active in your behalf each time the Legislature meets. The Utah Peace Officers Association maintains a voting position on Utah Law Enforcement Legislative Committee, POST Council and the Utah State Retirement Council.

The UPOA is committed to supporting ALL officers of law enforcement regardless of department, rank, and location. The UPOA wants to make sure we bring quality training to each officer within the state. We also support the families of those fallen officers and those who have fallen and gotten back up.


Utah Fallen Peace Officer Trail. 6th Annual Ride — Saturday April 21, 2018 9:00 A.M. — Moab, Utah.

On April 20th, 2013 the Utah Peace Officers Association unveiled “The Fallen Peace Officer Trail” just north of Moab, Utah. We invite everyone to bring your off-highway vehicle to the event. Fallen Officers’ names will be posted along this trail.


The Utah Peace Officer Magazine.

UPOA’s magazine is published twice a year.

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